Inbound port forwarding with Dual Lan Setup?

  • I have been searching on this, but I havnt found an answer.

    I have a Dual Lan Pfense box setup like this:

    WAN –->  PfSense --> LAN (
                          -> OPT1 (Wireless

    I have some ports forwards setup just fine from the public ip on WAN to the LAN subnet, but for the life of me, I cant get a port forward setup to go from the WAN Public IP to the OPT1 interface?  Anything special I need to do here?

    I've setup the port forwards just like the working ones going from WAN to LAN, and I have checked the firewall rules to log.  I can see the packets being logged as accepted in the firewall logs?  Anything I am missing here?

  • Nothing special here. It just works if it's set up correctly. Show us your portforwardrules, your firewallrules and tell us what version you are on.

  • I am running RC2.  Whats the easiest way to post my portforward rules and firewall rules?  Just post the XML that backup/restore spits out?

  • After screwing around with it a little bit more, I realized that I have captive portal running on the OPT1 interface.  If I turn captive portal off, the NAT seems to work.

    Any way to have Captive Portal and NAT working on the same subnet?  I saw there is an option to traffic to/from an IP address is captive portal, would that allow this to work?

  • It should work if you add your nat destinations as passthrough IPs or macs.

  • Destinations are passthru MAC's so I am not sure what could be up… Let me know if I can post any info.

  • Try to add pass through IPs for these hosts as well.

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