Why auto pinger loadbalance seems not working

  • before this i used 1.2.1 and 1.2.2 ..it seem no problem…event if line disconnected ..it will show disconnect and when line is up ..the status show on-line

    but after upgrade to 1.2.3..there come the problem.... the only port will show disconnected is WAN port..if the line is up again..it still showed disconnected...and i need to go to load balance setup edit  load balance and apply changes then the line is up... is there any problem???

  • have you seeing this….this hapened when i upgrade to 1.2.3 ...before this it works well

    and my log loadbance said

    Jan 6 00:39:21 apinger: ALARM: *** down ***
    Jan 6 00:39:02 apinger: ALARM: *** down ***

    it seem something hapeneed with failover ping …to check my conectivity..even though both of my lines are up and can surf well... it will be stuck when one of them down...then the problem started

    anyone ?? plzz

  • Well I can say is that the WAN setting on my time to say that the link is down, but the funny fact is that reversed the links last week, did a fresh install with the links inverted, and the errors in the wan still, if a developer wants to connect and make a verified, I will be available.

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