Bridging problem

  • I'm working with a private line to HK from the US. Currently OPT1 and LAN are bridged, all traffic on OPT1 and LAN is allowed in the firewall rules. OPT1 is connected directly to a cisco 2800 router ( which is connected to HK to another cisco (, then to China through another cisco ( LAN is connected to a switch which on a network. The problem comes up when transfering files over the OPT1 interface from the network to the LAN. Connections start just fine, but after a max of 248kb that transfers it just dies completely. If I connect the Cisco directly to the LAN it works just fine, but I do not want to have it setup that way. I've attached a network diagram to understand the network setup easier.

    Does anyone have any ideas beyond changing the 10.0.0.x network into a subnet that falls in pfsense's network ( I think this would fix the issue, but this would require a lot of changes for something that should work anyway.

  • Still having this issue, even now while running 1.0-SNAPSHOT-09-26-06…

    oh and I forgot to say that transfers from PRC ( to LAN ( works perfectly, and why I'm so confused with this problem.

  • Anyone have any ideas?! I'm open to suggestions to try…

  • Sounds like either:

    Interfaces WAN -> Block bogon or block private is checked
    You need static routes setup

  • Good idea, but neither are checked, and static routes are setup.
    LAN  China VPN

  • FYI, Enable filtering bridge is now checked, and rules added for the OPT1 interface. Everything seems to be working fine now… What a headache...

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