Simple policy based dual WAN setup?

  • Right now I've got a single WAN setup, and I'm only allowing P2P traffic on default ports (as this is the only way to identify P2P with pfsense), using the traffic shaper with a hard upper limit for P2P.

    This works quite well in the sense that regular web browsing etc. isn't hampered by P2P users. But most torrent clients use non-default ports, so P2P doesn't work very well at the moment. To accommodate P2P, I was thinking about getting a second cheap ADSL line and using this for P2P exclusively.

    Before I go ahead and order a second ADSL line, I thought I'd ask if what I have in mind is possible or if there are any gotchas:

    • Use WAN1 for "important" traffic like http, ftp, ssh, smtp, pop3, imap, remote desktop, msn, skype etc.
    • Use WAN2 (cheaper ISP) for "bulk" traffic, i.e. P2P etc.

    Will I have a working setup by just assigning WAN1 as the gateway for known important traffic in the firewall rules, and WAN2 to "the rest" of the traffic?

    EDIT: searching the forum a bit more, I learned that traffic shaping "doesn't work" on multi-WAN in 1.2.3-release. That's a pity, it would be enough if I could just shape WAN1. Will also have to look into 2.0 then I suppose.

  • Thats how I have used my 2 lines for a long time.

  • Nice, and it works OK for you without using traffic shaping?

  • Yes

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