Load Balancing - best monitor

  • I am following the MultiWan Version 1.2 instruction and I have two questions. First, the Failover pools only work for me if I reverse the instructions on the docs online. So for my WanFails2Wan2, I first must monitor the WAN and then the WAN2, not how it is shown, otherwise I get the opposite of what I want.

    Second question is what is my best node to ping? I cannot always ping the DNS server and seems like most DNS servers will be accessible regardless of what connection is working. If I ping the gateway, the gateway will likely still reply if the ISP is down so I assume my best bet is the hop right past my gateway.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I noticed something similar when I followed it the other day but I think it was more of a sequence-of-events issue.

    When adding a wan/gateway pair to the pool, pay attention to which one is on top of the ordered list in the box. That is what the guide is referring to as the "top" entry.

  • Hmmm, well that is what I thought, but it in practice it is employing the top one which is the first one I enter, not the second one so I have to do it the opposite of what is shown.

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