WAN 2 without external router

  • I just wanted to confirm that it is impossible to (currently) set up a dual WAN pfsense installation without the introduction of an external router on the OPT1 interface.


    WAN 1 Modem –-------------
                                         | (WAN)
                                          ----- pfsense ----------- LAN/DMZ/Wireless
                                         | (OPT1)
    WAN 2 Modem ----- Router--

    For the record, both connections get PPPoE and one has a static IP and I'm not looking to do any load balancing (different subnets connect to different WAN connections)

    If it is possible to do it without a router, would someone be kind enough to point out how?


  • As long as the modem on the OPT interface does the PPPoE authentication you should be ok withou an additional router.

  • Thank you. This means I need to get a router.

  • I'm not sure i understand.
    Is the WAN2 Modem not capable of doing the PPPoE authentication?

    If not: I would get a decent modem-router which is capable of doing the PPPoE authentication, but can work in a halfbridge modus where the devide behind the half-bridge gets the public IP directly.

  • No no, you understood it correctly. Currently, in Jordan, there is a monopoly in place where all ISPs have to use the same carrier, JTC-Orange, and to protect their monopoly, they have all the modems locked, now to add to that, it is quite difficult to obtain a modem locally.

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