Not getting full speed from pfsense to lan machines

  • heres one that was causing some slowdowns on my lan for some reason.

    ok so today i decided to implement .exe, cab, zip, and other caching in my squid.

    so i downloaded a file on one pc, went to the other and downloaded the same thing.
    i noticed the traffic shaper was not allowing the file to come from the squid cache at full speed but at the maximum speed for qlanroot which i believe is supposed to be my real internet download speed.

    when i disable the traffic shapper i get full 1.5meg transfer of the file from the squid cache to the client machine
    if i enable the traffic shaper i get the file at 75 - 80KB… and if someone else is using the lan it goes even slower!! what gives?

    so now is there a way to create a queue/rule so that all content from squid cache or from the pfsense box get full speed?

    my internet speeds as filled out by the 768 down and 256 up.

  • I'm no expert, but from what I have understood, shaping happens when packets leave the interface. Ergo, you can't achieve what you want. I've yet to test, but one of my ideas is to use the full nic speed for q*root and set bandwidth limits by size rather than percentage to other queues, while allowing high rates for queues responsible for necessary ports (squid)..

  • My 2 cents on this: if the issue is that you cannot download from the squid cache fast enough, lie in your definition of the download bandwidth - make it 100mb or whatever.  The download speed is not really controllable anyway (at least not with the current shaper).  All it can really do is drop inbound packets to cause the remote TCP hosts to slow down, and not shaping inbound will have the same net effect.  In theory, you can pace outbound ACKs to shape inbound TCP flows, but that is not trivial, and I don't think the current shaper will do that.

  • ok so i changed my max speed from 800kbps to 800mbps.
    it made a dfference however one last problem exists.

    the traffic shaper chokes youtube. when its off youtube can stream not so fast but ok .. with it on i get pauses…

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