Does 802.11n wireless work on pfsense 2.0??

  • Whats the status on 802.11n wireless and pfsense 2.0? I've got a 802.11n card and it does not work that well in version 1.2.3. I thought that it was working good but after running it for a couple of days, I found out that it drops the connection every now and then and the signal strength also varies even though it has two good antennas.

    Also, do you think2.0 is stable enough to work on a 5-6 user network using:

    1. Wireless
    2. Squid Proxy Server w/ videocache
    3. NTOP or something similar
    4. Load Balancing

    My box has a 1.8Ghz p4 cpu, 2GB RAM. The OS and software is installed on a 6GB Hard drive and I got the squid cache on a 60GB hard drive.

    If I can't get wireless working on pfsense I think I'm just going to have to use this netgear router I have and configure it as some kind of switch/access point.

    Thanks a lot!

  • Anything that works on FreeBSD 8.0 will work on 2.0. 802.11n is only supported in FreeBSD with 1 Marvell card right now, other cards can only use a/b/g.


    Also, do you think2.0 is stable enough …,21606.0.html

  • Thanks for the reply. That helps a lot.

    So, does this 1 Marvell card work 802.11n in 1.2.3 or is that only in 2.0?

  • 1.2.x is based on FreeBSD 7.2, 2.0 is based on freeBSD 8. Best solution is if you look at the freeBSD-site to see if its supported with 7.2.

  • I did some reading… it looks like no 802.11n card works on pfsense 1.2.3 (FreeBSD 7.2)... However, in FreeBSD 8.0, there was only one card I saw that apparently works. [i386, amd64] Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN IEEE 802.11n PCI network adapters ( iwn(4) driver). I'll have to do some research on that. It sounds promising.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Read the iwn(4) man page carefully. It only supports station, adhoc, and monitor modes. It does not support hostap mode so it could not be used as an access point.

    It could be used as a wireless WAN, however.

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