Starting fresh?

  • Hi,

    so I already upgraded my Alix to 2.0 but it seems that there are some glitches in the conf. I want to start with a clean install now. Do I need to reflash or can I simply wipe the config to factory default? Is it really "clean" then?


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You can do a factory reset from the console menu or webgui. The only thing that will not fix is package data that was on your storage medium.

    You could do a factory reset and then a firmware update, and that would essentially be the same as a clean wipe on NanoBSD.

    You could also do a factory reset, then use Diagnostics > NanoBSD to set the boot slice to the alternate slice, then after reboot, use that same page to duplicate the alternate slice back to the original, and switch the boot slice back (if you want, it really doesn't matter at that point)

    It's much easier to end up with a blank slate on NanoBSD if you want one, as opposed to the full install which really does need a wipe and reinstall to end up with a pristine HDD with no other stuff on it.

  • Thanks jimp, but what do you mean with package data? I had some packages installed on my 1.2.3-Release and did an upgrade to 2.0-beta1. Now I did a factory default and I will re-install the packages I had installed before. Where do you see a problem with the package data?

    Thanks for clearing that up…

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Well when you install packages, they write to various places on the filesystem and sometimes even when they are uninstalled, these files remain. Sometimes they also install additional FreeBSD packages (such as perl) which are not always removed.

    In order to get a really full "clean" reset, these files should be removed/deleted but it's impossible to track them all. If you are going to reinstall the packages it won't really matter in the long run.

  • Okay. But now I can easily backup my 2.0 config and do a re-install like you told me to and then restore the config? Or are there a lot of related packet things in the config file as well?

  • A got it. Found it myself. You can deselect the package info backup ;-)

  • He jimp,

    what I did now is the following:

    • factory default via console
    • after reboot I uploaded the beta1 via webinterface again
    • after reboot I restored my config

    So now, everything should be "clean"?


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Should be, I'd say.

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