IPTV / Multicast and IGMP Proxy

  • Hi All,

    Actually I try to use IPTV with pfSense, but this don't work.

    I have the following setup :

    • VDSL line to my ISP modem/router
    • pfSense behind this router wiht IP Passthrough setting

    My private network is set to / 24. pfSense has the public WAN IP provided by my ISP.
    How should I configure IGMP Proxy ? (I have read this but it does not help me : http://doc.pfsense.com/index.php/IGMP_Proxy)
    I have set the Upstream to my WAN and the downstream to my LAN, but dont work. What should I set for subnets ?

    Should I setup other things (firewall rules,.. ) ?

    Anyone here using IPTV / Multicast with pfSense ?

    I am using the 2.0 alpha, previous version does not support it.

    Any help, suggestions, feedback,… is appreciated

    Thank you

  • On your default allow any rule on LAN you need to click under advanced 'allow options' option.

  • Thank you for your reply !

    This rule has a lot of option.. this is the following one, right ?

    Do you can tell me more about this option ? what does it mean, implies ?

    I will try as soon as possible with IPTV, thank you again.

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