Can this work perfectly in pfsense 2.0

  • Helllo friends

    First of all congratulation for all your hardwork and release of pfsense 2.0 beta.
    Now, what I wanted to know is.Can pfsense 2.0 works perfectly if i setup a single box for

    MultiWAN i.e. three WAN connection for Load Balancing and Failover.
    Squid i.e. (Squid in transparent mode)and Squid Gaurd which works perfect in MultiWAN.
    Ftp can switch from One WAN to the Other as one goes down. Previously , FTP works only with WAN and not OPT1 and OPT2.
    Can i have a perfect content filter with perfect logging of what user is visiting which site.
    A Chat logging mechanism like imspector.

    Let me know what are the packages i may require for the same.


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    2.0 is still BETA and this cannot yet be "perfect" in almost any scenario.

    As for your questions, you can accomplish the multi-wan tasks with squid and squidguard, using floating rules in 2.0 to apply outbound load balancing to traffic outgoing from pfSense. squid and squidguard can handle the logging of URLs, but I do not know if either of them could be considered a "perfect" content filter – no such thing exists even among paid products.

    There is an imspector package, but I do not know if it has been made to work on 2.0 yet.

    As for FTP, the proxy is done in the kernel now and should work, but it may also need some of the above-mentioned floating rules to make it happen. As this is a BETA product, this has not been extensively tested and if you try it, start a new thread about that.

    Documentation on performing these actions is not yet complete, but you may find more help in the 2.0-BETA board, where I moved this topic.

  • I read about load balancing and Squid works OK in 2.0 Pfsense can you tell me if anybody have the correct configuration?

  • Squidguard won't install still on 2.0. Squid installs, but isn't shown in packages. The respect maintainers have to look around to fix that.

  • I found a thread saying that squid doesnt understand MultiWAN so how it will work with 2.0
    as pfsense is moving towards 2.0 while squid is still 2 and 3 is still not stable

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