Layer 7 filtering

  • Can anyone tell me how it works or does it work at all on 2.0 beta? Can anyone post a sample rules to block aim, msn messenger, etc? I seem not able to find any docs explaining how to do this with layer 7 filtering.

    Thanks in Advance.

  • bump.

  • If you have to ask that, it's not ready for you to try yet. Hang tight while we can work on testing it, getting any issues figured out, and providing info on usage. Most of our developers aren't even highly familiar with it yet.

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    Download a trial of ISAserver 2006 og Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway. They handle L7 perfectly, and there you can begin to understand the possibilities of L7. :)

  • But the ISA suckz pretty much ;)
    It is such a slow proxy. We only use this beast for push services and owa frontend ;)

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    I know….also why I look forward to seeing the PF with L7. As long as its as easy to implement and do specific rule logging as well as ISA, I would change in an instant.

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