Pfsense 1.0 rc2h pf rules + ipfw dummynet traficshaping

  • hi,

    will this break the pf rules ?
    i have a 8000/1024 cable connection
    i want to shape that with dummynet for my lan network (
    i used these commands

    #kldload dummynet.ko
    #pfctl -d
    #ipfw add pipe 1 ip from to any out
    #ipfw add pipe 2 ip from any to in
    #ipfw pipe 1 config mask src-ip 0x000000ff bw 1024Kbit/s queue 20
    #ipfw pipe 2 config mask dst-ip 0x000000ff bw 8000Kbit/s queue 20
    #pfctl -e

    i can see with
    #ipfw pipe show | head -n 20
    that dummynet is working how can i test if pf is still working ?

  • Dummnet + PF rdr's will break.  It's a kernel issue, I have brought it up on the lists in addition to others but there has been little reaction.

    I have a patch that no longer applies so we'll have something hopefully for the next version.


  • so if i don't use rdr in pfsense or use it with ipfw  ill be fine ?

  • That is my understanding, yes.

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