Filterdns - annoying

  • Hi,

    Something called "filterdns" has been introduced just before the beta1, and tracked down what/how/when it does what with a curious then concluded that I have no idea if it's really necessary or not. In my setup it introduced me a periodic CPU/Process spike every 300 secs(well that's because how the process spawned) and keeps interrupt rate relatively high(~30%) so I just gave up on it and disabled mwexec in I am running the latest snap now by the way.

    Would somebody in devs kindly explain what it is, why it is introduced, how it works supposedly.

    PS. Traffic Graph gadget for WAN is gone, saying "cannot get interface wan"


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It periodically (re)resolves hostnames contained in aliases so you can have filter rules which are not tied to a specific IP (or in the case of one using, it could be many IPs)

    Do not disable mwexec. It does many, many, many things for the system.

    And keep tracking the latest snapshots for potential fixes.

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