Dual DSL WAN Setup

  • The situation that I have it that I am having problems getting a Linksys AG241 Router to playball.

    My proposed setup, is to create a Dual WAN with policy based rules. Setup is

    WAN1      –-------
                            ---- pfSense-------------LAN
    WAN2      ---------

    WAN1 has a 2wire router placed into Bridged Mode, and the pfSense Interface obtains a 5 address static IP range via PPPoE. Now
    this is all working fine.

    And the requirement is to try and get another 5 address static IP range assigned to the OPT1 (WAN2) Interface. I have set this up as static supplying my IP range/29. So I am pretty confident that this is fine.

    However, I am at a loss as to how to configure the Linksys (as I have tried everything) I have disabled NAT on the Linksys, RFC1483 Bridged Mode. RFC1483 Routed Mode, PPPoE and PPPoA, but I just can't get the pfSense interface allowing traffic in/out. As there is some problem between the two. So as there is no money left to purchase additional hardware, is it possible to create another pfSense firewall which will dialout a PPPoE connection and obtain the 5 IP range, and then pass these on to the 2nd (main) pfSense box e.g.

    WAN1      ---------------------------
                                                      ---- pfSense-------------LAN
    WAN2      ---------pfSense-----------

    If so, can someone provide me with a quick step-by-step on how to achieve this...Thanks

  • Does your connection require a pppoe authentication or is your pppoe device basically just bridged with a static IP at the WAN of the pfSense? In case you have static IPs without the need of pppoe dial in you should be fine to have the linksys in complete bridge mode (like a pure modem). Not sure if the linksys is capable of this as I haven't played around with these too much yet. I have a similiar setup at the office with a static /29 behind a netgear router in bridgemode. Works fine with policybasedrouting and loadbalancing.

  • Unfortunately, the actual setup here in the UK, is PPPoA, so we have to setup the router's in bridge mode, so that we can get the IP's on the firewalls behind them. I have played around with 3 types of dsl-router (Netgear DG834, 2Wire & Linksys (AG 241), but for some reason or another the IP addresses just can't get to pfSense without the pfSense box dialing-out using PPPoE.

    Would the proposed pfSense infront of another pfSense be workable (i know there is a facility to turn off NAT on the pfSense), so if the first pfSense box dials the connection, gets the correct IP, and then I assign 2nd pfSense box with the same static range on the OPT1 interface, technically this should work? right?…..or am I over-complicating things...i am hoping there might be something I am overlooking... or perhaps someone can point me in the direction of a really cheap dsl router that will serve the IP addresses through to the pfSense.

  • I'm sorry but I don't have any experience with pppoa. This is not very common here in germany. Maybe someone else can help. Any pppoa Users here?

  • its not so much a pppoa problem, as pppoe works as well.

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