Dnsmasq slow when domain override enable

  • I have 2 pfsense machines currently, and will be expanding with more. I'm trying to run the DNS system through them. We have a paid recursive DNS service that Machine 1 is using. Machine 2 is also running pfsense (1.2.3 for both). It uses Machine 1 for DNS. This is basically it.

    it.example.com -> datacenter.example.com -> RecursiveDNSservice.

    So I set domain overrides at datacenter.example.com for future1, future2 and it. So if you are in the future1 domain, and do a lookup on SomeServer.it.example.com, it will be forwarded to datacenter.example.com, which will know to query it.example.com as the authoritive server. Everything not overridden gets passed to the RecursiveDNSservice.
    The problem is that any override I set slows DNS to a crawl. Looking up ANY address takes anywhere from 5 to timeout seconds. I remove all the overrides, it goes back to being lightning fast.

    Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

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