How to: Install 1.2.3 on ALIX with IDE HDD

  • Congratulations to the pfsense team!!!  Version 1.2.3 is an excellent release, and well worth upgrading to.

    The instructions I previously posted for version 1.2.2 are 100% obsolete, do not follow them.  I recommend the old thread be deleted entirely, but of course that isn't up to me.

    "How to" instructions are posted at <<broken link="" -="" author="" please="" fix="">></broken>

  • Hi there dsamms,
    the method described in you 1.2.2 hd install tutorial also works for pfSense2.0beta, therefore I think it should not be removed. Just did a successfull 2.0 install on my ALIX. FreeBSD 8 doesn't seem to include the ATA patch either. Too bad. But thanks to your tutorial pfSense2.0 is up and running now.
    The only further thing I had to do was to reset to factory defaults before I could assign an IP to the LAN interface properly. It bailed out with the folowing error before:

    Fatal error: Cannot unset string offsets in /etc/rc.initial.setlanip on line 200

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