Wan to Wan Routing, I don't know how to do it

  • Hello people,

    I am trying to do a wan-to-wan routing for my system using pfsense. But I got struck in the last step where I should be able to send packets from WAN to LAN.
    Firstly, the network map I have to design is as below: (50.4.30.x IP's are real public WAN IPs, not a private IP)

    router (ip=
    firewall (ext ip= - /dont know what should be the subnet) (int ip=variable)
    servers (i.e.: ip=, default gateway is

    What I did was:

    • I created a Proxy-ARP mode VIP on LAN for so that the servers doesnt have to know the fw's internal IP. I tested it and it seems working.
    • Temporarily, I created a FW rule in both LAN and WAN that allows all kinda traffic from everywhere.
      My problem is:
    • I can send pings/reach from my server ( to (for example), but I cannot ping/reach my server from an external IP.

    What can be the problem?
    And how should I configure pfsense for this purpose?

    I really appriciate your help.
    Thanks in advance.

    Edit, just to make sth sure:
    I am using real public IP adresses for my servers and I want to reach my servers from outside with their real public IPs.

  • You should set your pfSense into bridging mode.

    • Get rid of the VIPs.
    • Don't assign a public IP to the WAN or LAN of the pfSense.
        Just set a private IP so you can manage it.
    • After bridging LAN to WAN, make sure your servers have as default gateway the router (the router in front of the pfSense).
    • Create rules on the pfSense allowing traffic from the WAN to your server and from your servers to the internet (if they need internet access).

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