Basic pfsense configuration guide

  • Gentleman,
    I'm fairly new to pfsense and finding it kind of hard to locate a good documentation on  basic configuration such as how to nat, routes and other most essential features. In other word I'm on the look out for a good easy to understand beginners guide. Must tell you'll though that installation guide was quite helpful and I did install pfsense for the first time based on recommendations(having 2 NIC's etc). But not sure how to work with nat, routes and etc.. Someone please help me locate good called guide to get me going with this great product. Wishing all of you a very happy new year!

    There may have someone already asked the same kind a question but I couldnt locate that either. Pfsense forum Admins: Sorry If i have made this forum more lengthy with a repeating question but I have no other option but to ask. So bear with me only this time. Thanks a lot.

  • Have you looked at the pFsense documentation link ( and click on Documentation)? There are links there to a number of tutorials as well as the documentation wiki.

    If the existing documentation doesn't cover what you want to do then please be more specific. Why doesn't the default NAT work for you? Why doesn't the default routing work for you? etc

  • Does your network have more than one subnet?  Does your network host services accessible from the Internet?

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