Adding custom pages and upgrading them

  • We're building a pfSense-based web appliance on a Soekris 5501 box.  We want to use the serial port on the device to talk to something.  To this end, we have written some custom php files that we put into /usr/local/www/soap  It appears that the embedded system build really wants to write to the other partition during upgrades, and that you can only use nanobsd.upgrade.*.tgz files in order to meet the requirements of the file_is_for_platform() function in pfSense's system_firmware.php (it checks against /etc/platform which is "nanobsd" for embedded systems).

    Is there an easy way to use the existing pfSense upgrade page and utilities to install/upgrade our custom php files, or will we have to roll our own for this?


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Store your pages in /conf/ <somewhere>as long as they are not too large, then add a shellcmd to the config to copy them over to the proper place if they do not yet exist (or on every boot just to be safe)</somewhere>

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