Pfsense just as a loadbalancer

  • Is something like this even possible?

    Have 2 dsl connections from the same company. Not bothered with failover, but their are slower connections.

    Any way to treat pfsense just as a load balancer and bridge all of the connections? Really don't want to have to modify the firewall at all

    Thats what I'm looking at

  • No.
    The loadbalancer wouldn't work in a bridged setup. Only in a routed/NATed setup.

  • And its possible this? Without bridge, i want that smoothwall (or maybe a pfsense2) see the ip give by pfsense 1 as his gateway.

          PFSENSE1 –--- Smoothwall--- LAN

  • yes. if you dont want to use the firewall capabilities of pf, just disable them.

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