Medialink Server for Playstation 3

  • Hi there,

    I have got the Medialink DLNA Server installed on my Mac in the net so that I can stream videos and photos to my Playstation 3 system. This works well if my LAN and WLAN nets are bridged together but not if I have seperate nets which I want to use. Now these are my tcpdump logs when I try to search for this DLNA server with my PS3, my WLAN net is :

    12:50:56.742306 IP > UDP, length 223
    12:50:56.842698 IP > UDP, length 223
    12:50:56.943926 IP > UDP, length 223 is my PS3…

    12:51:56.249145 IP > UDP, length 111
    12:51:56.249554 IP > UDP, length 111 is my Mac with the server on it. It responds to the packets with these two line you can see up there, but it replies to the broadcast of the LAN. Is it possible to somehow relay this specific broadcast with this one port so that it somehow reaches my PS3?

    I have 2.0-beta 1 installed and also the Avahi package but this doesn't seem to work with Medialink. I also have LAN->WLAN rules and WLAN->LAN rules that permit all traffic...

    Thanks for any help...

  • You need igmpproxy.

  • I guess this proxy doesn't exist for embedded?

  • Its under services menu.
    No need to install anything.

  • Oh thanks. That is true. But what is the way I need to configure it? What is the upstream interface and what is the downstream? I use two LAN interfaces…

  • Is this really possible to use this proxy between two LAN interfaces? Which one needs to be the upstream interface? LAN or WLAN? Or can I just use two downstream interfaces instead?

  • Could you be so kind and give me further info, ermal?


  • Well I saw that doc long before, but that does not really help with my situation…

    I have two LANs and I do not want to use WAN for this proxy.

    Thanks anyway, maybe someone else wants to help me?

  • IGMP proxy is not only for WAN, it'll work between whatever interfaces you want to use.

  • Ok. But could you guys please give me instructions for my example from post 1? I tried but it did not work and that is why I am asking. If you do not want to then please don't bother answering. Simply putting in a link does not help. I already searched the docs! Thanks!

  • Last post!

    Read this link,16943.0.html.

    From the docs and that thread keep in mind that WAN interface usually is the interface where your server resides.

  • If you read carefully the posts in that link ermal sent you, you will understand:

    Lan1 (where your server resides) is the upstream-interface.
    Lan2 and WLAN are the downstream-interfaces. Thats all.

    The trick is in "changing" the WAN to that interface, where your server resides. The config mentioned in the other posts tells about a streaming-server on the WAN-side.
    You now get it clear?

  • Thanks again igor !

    Now I understand. I will try this setup later when I am home and will report back!

  • Well I guess the IGMP Proxy is faulty then with 2.0…

    I am now running 1.2.3 again and there it is working with the same setup which is not working in 2.0...

    lan upstream         DLNA Server Interface for PS3

    opt1 downstream WLAN Interface with PS3    

    Worked right after I saved the config. Awesome and easy...

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