Upgrade 1.2.3 to 2.0

  • i'd really like to upgrade to 2.0 since it has two features i really need.
    giving some users access to specific items like "captive portal" pages
    the voucher system

    so with that said I am currently running 1.2.3Release.
    Whats the procedure to upgrade? Please be detailed.


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    1. Keep plenty of backups and have install media for 1.2.3 on hand for when 2.0 breaks and you need to get back online
    2. Upload a firmware upgrade just like any other upgrade. The process is no different.

  • Patience is a must - for eg, I upgraded to 2.0 yesterday and the v1.2.3 config.xml stubbornly fails to either upgrade or be read properly. Will try again today or tomorrow.

    To elaborate on point 1) above: a good back-up ploy is a usb flash drive with an up-to-date v1.2.3 /conf/config.xml. A Pfsense v1.2.3 boot CD will read the config.xml from the usb drive to configure itself.  You can then either run from the CD or you can install from the boot CD and this will pick up the configuration.

  • thanks

    i've never done any upgrades in the past because this is my first pfsense experience.

    could you point me to what file to download pls?

    i assume its a mere stick the cd in and reboot or stick in and choose upgrade or can i launch the shell and give patch to upgrade url?

  • Assuming you have a functioning v1.2.3 install (not an embedded system), you can use the webgui and go to 'System' > 'Firmware' > 'Updater Settings'.  In drop down 'Default Auto Update URLs' select '2.0-alpha etc'.  Save. Then go to 'Auto Update' tab and 'Invoke Auto Upgrade'. To quote a doc page:

    Note if you're installing an image from the snapshots server, you will receive a warning that "The digital signature on this image is invalid." This is normal, the snapshot releases are built automatically and signing them requires manual intervention so none of the snapshot releases are signed.

    If the gods are kind you will update your system.  Note to stay on that page as the file downloads and be patient for the system to uncompress, copy files and reboot.

    If you haver trouble SEARCH the v2.0 http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/board,49.0.html forum.

    Automatically restoring with a boot CD: http://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/Automatically_Restore_During_Install

    Backing up: http://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/Configuration_Backup_and_Restore

    Good luck, have fun

  • ok great.

    but in the end… iam sort of spooked about the upgrade.

    is it safe? i am afraid of problems. i just want it to install.

  • @cylent:

    ok great.

    but in the end… iam sort of spooked about the upgrade.

    is it safe? i am afraid of problems. i just want it to install.

    If that really is the case, stay with what you have working.  2.0 is in early BETA and things can go wrong. However, with a v1.2.3 boot CD and an USB based config.xml you can be back up in minutes (running on CD) and in 15 to 20 mins in order to re-install on hard drive.

  • if you can i would upgrade from console:

    ssh into box, select "upgrade from console", find the correct url at http://snapshots.pfsense.org (the full install ones are at the bottome of the page) and go from there.

    the console install feeds you info as its installing, I had the firmware update from within the web gui fail a few times, the console update worked however.

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