Adding a WIFI PCI card

  • Hi,

    I just bought a PCI wifi-G card to test if I could replace my existing wifi router by this card (the router is connected in a switch connected to pfsense lan, it is not this ideal setup… So I pluged it and rebooted. The card is probably based on a ralink chipset. ifconfig does not show and ral* card. How can I make it work? I am a FreeBSD noob.

    Ans I can't ssh into pfsense, even if I checked the box in "advanced". It just timeout. It also reject my RSA if I check skip password, so it kind of work, but never get connected. Any idea why?

    EDIT: I see an fxp0 in pfsense webui, is it the new card? or the onboard one?
    EDIT2: After plugging a monitor and a keyboard on the router, I found that the card is a realtek 8185, it does not seem to be supported, I will take a quick look at ndiswrapper or return it to the shop

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