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  • I have delima…. I have a USB zte mf636 modem that I connect to a windows machine and enabl ICS. Then the lan port of that windows machine is set a lan ip of subnet no gateway and connected to the wan port on pfsense which is set to static with a ip of and gateway set to All other network behind pfsense DMZ, LAN and WLAN all can get onto the internet no problems. Even download stuff like BT watch youtube anything like normal surfing. The main problem is I can't access anything inside the network behind pfsense from outside. Here is a my network layout.

    INTERNET --------> USB Modem -------> Windows XP --------> LAN ----------> pfSense --------> internal network

    Please help.

  • You need to setup portforwards on the windows-machine.
    (Dont know if that is even possible: anyway, it's ugly)

  • Yes I know and I have tried many ways and it is extremely hard. It doesnt work at all. It just doesn't work. The funny thing is all BT skype, VoIP all works great just wont accept any port forward from the windows machine. If anyone have any ideas at all please let me know. Even if using Ubuntu instead of windows would be even greater. Or if some one got the USB modem to work in pfSense 1.2.3 as wan would be the best!

  • All the programs you mention just use outbound connections.
    You wont have inbound connections with these.

    It seems someone got your modem working on a Suse 11.1

    Chances are you get it going on the distribution of your choice.

  • Actually I can get it to work under Ubuntu but facing the same problem as windows. I cant get the ports to go to pfSense. Or shall I say for example :-

    ssh port –---> Internet ----->USB Modem -----> Ubuntu or ------> Lan ------> pfSense Wan ------> DMZ ------> server
                                                                            windows                            has a dyndns

    The ssh stays there for a long time and does not have any reaction at all, not even a prompt of any kind. Can cancel the command with control+x. But if I access the ssh server from the internal lan with the dyndns url it works, but not from external. Is there something I have to set in pfsense for it to let the connection pass? Or is this setup a complete waste of time and I must get a proper 3G router to get it working ( which I want to completely avoid). Also thank you GruensFroeschli for taking the time to reply I really appreciate it a lot.

  • Did you uncheck the "block RFC1918 subnets" checkbox on the WAN config page?

    How did you forward the ports on the ubuntu?

  • I turned off the firewall completely. Yes I already turned off "block RFC1918 subnets". Don't know if this is any help, but I checked that my external IP from windows to USB Modem is 10.x.x.x and external like from it detects it as 110.x.x.x .

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