Dhcp options available?

  • Hello there…. I work at a company that has the Cisco Unified Communications Manager platform for voice... (call managers)  and I need to be able to configure my pfsense firewall at home (that is vpn'ing to the corporate office) with DHCP option 150 (TFTP server address)  in order for my cisco 7940 IP phone to be able to get its information from the call managers over the vpn.  I realize I can set this statically on the phones or ATA's themselves, but was hoping I could do this instead with just the DHCP server from pfsense.  Anyone know if this is possible with the built in dhcp services that pfsense offers?  I can't find it anywhere in the documentation or examples on google.  If it's not available, please make this something that can be added?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    This is not easily possible in 1.2.3, but some people have edited the DHCP server page to accommodate this (search the forum, you might find some patches)

    This is already possible in 2.0, and you can set any arbitrary DHCP option number you want.

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