Pfsense on an old pc with cf card!

  • Hy everybody!

    I'v installed pfsense on old amd k6-2 550 underclock at 250 MHz with cf 2 Gb card.
    It boot's but sysem hangs at boot kernel.

    I'v read somewhere on the internet to run pfsense on pc I need an mod image of the router.

  • Unfortunately you haven't given us much information to work with.

    Are you using the 1.2.3 release version of pfSense?

    Are you using the 'embedded' or 'full' version?

    Did you install from CD on the same system?

    Can you provide a few lines of the startup output before the hang?

    I don't know what you mean by "an mod image". Please elaborate.

  • ohh  :-[ sorry!

    Let's start with the begining:

    My hardware is 5ALI61 board with socket 7 amd k6-2 underclock at 250 MHz (2.5 X 100 MHz), 256 SDRAM, lan card 3com cyclone, wan 3com tornado configured with pppoe, wifi card ralink 2561 chipset, traxdata cf card  2 Gb with ide adapter at ata 66.

    For installation I used 1.2.3 pfsense iso and embeded 2 Gb img file.

    Under linux with dd utility I write my cf card, in this situation my system hangs on boot kernel…
    And with installer give me an error on installation process, cannot create bla bla, probably the installer it's working with an hdd, or usb drive.

    Tonight I try to test pfsense on other hardware: slot 1 pentium II mainboard, because I notice my second wifi card atheros chipset card it is not working on initial hardware setup. I have the same issues with ethernet intel pro 100S.

  • Are you aware the embedded version switches the console to serial port very early in its startup? This can give the impression of a hung system.

  • ??? So you tell me for my old pc should work embeded file
    I don't have an serial cable, to conect my old pc trought my laptop, with usb serial adapter install on it.

  • Hi to everybody! Yesterday night I manage to install and configure my router pc.
    wallabybob you are right after I boot my pc, apareantly it is freezed but, buut  ;D on hyperterminal apear the initilaization. I said wau.
    Now it is working,I will test my router pc about few daysand after that it is in production envoirement.
    I  manage to configure my wifi card ralink 2561, bridge with lan interface, create on firewall rules an entry for wlan.
    I don't manage to test wpa wpa 2 on the wifi, seems I can't connect trought dhcp from wifi, from lan working very good, but I phink my os on my laptop has a problem, because my friend manage to conect trough dhcp of wifi.

    So my system is:

    MB 5ALI61 with socket 7 procesor AMD K6-2 550 underclock at 250 MHz(2.5X100MHz FSB)
    256 MB SDRAM
    LAN 3COM Cyclone
    WAN 3COM Tornado (pppoe connection with dynamic ip  :-)
    WLAN edimax 7128 (ralink 2561 chipset)
    TRAXDATA 2Gb Pro (working at ata 66)
    12 V 5 ports switch power on from my router pc
    Mainboard even boots without no vga. I mange to coonect trough hyperterminal from laptop using an ATEN USB to SERIAL adaptor and a null cable modem. Port com1 on may router pc configure on 3F8 IRQ 4 (not auto) and port com created on my router configuration is speed 9600 data bits 8 Parity N stop 1.

    Power measured with a killawatt is 20 - 22W

    Thank you very much for your support wallabybob

    Problem solved. Thread close

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