WLAN Traffic shaping

  • So after I studied forums I know that Traffic shaping is possible only for WAN and LAN interfaces, what about WLAN is there any way to shape traffic on it ?? I'd like to add WLAN card to my config so I dont need to plugin Laptops in my office.

    Sorry for noob question I just have to be sure.


  • a wireless card will be opt1 opt2 etc
    if it nows alt q then you can shape it

  • You can shape traffic between 2 interfaces. This can also be WAN and OPT1 for example. In case you have your WLAN bridged to LAN and you are shaping between WAN and LAN your shaping should apply to the WLAN traffic as well I think.

  • There was some talk on forum that T. Shaping does not work with bridge.

    But if that would be solution that would be great :).

  • It does not work between bridged interfaces but WLAN is not bridged to WAN in this scenario so this should not apply to this setup.

  • Thanks for replies I'll try that. :D

  • Ok, I created bridge between LAN and WLAN(OPT1) interface, at first there was no traffic on WLAN at all but then i created firewall rule for WLAN interface, now I'm able to surf the net from my WLAN clients but when I watch at que status that traffic seams not to get in any que, how do I solve that?? :)

    So to recap it LAN and WLAN are in bridge and I'd like for traffic shaper ques to handle packets form that bridge to the WAN interface but as I test it, ques seam to be catchig traffic from LAN but not WLAN…

  • Even if it doesn't work at all you should see the traffic from wlan to wan going into the default queue. Are you talking about traffic from wlan to wan or from wlan to lan?

  • I'm talking abou WLAN to WAN interface and I checked again no movment in que status while downloading through WLAN interface.

    Que settings are default ones from wizard with enabled prioratization of VoIP and some games. All rest should go to P2P que, and it does on LAN interface but not on WLAN even thought they are bridged.

    I'd like o know if it is possible to shape traffic between (LAN/WLAN bridge) and WAN interface and if so please tell me what am I doing wrong.


    edit : do I need to rerun Traffic shaper wizard or the bridge should just inherit rules from LAN?
            do I need to set Bridge property in WLAN(OPT1) and in LAN interfaces ?
            do i need to enable Bridge filtering?

    I'm really lost here.

  • Now I have yet another issue, when I enable Filtering bridge my WLAN clients cant get DHCP IP address.

    Can someone please explain step by step how to create bridge (WLAN/LAN) and shape traffic between that bridge and WAN interface.
    I know my ignorance is rather anoying but please help me with this one, or if anyone has same config like me can she/he please post it here.
    I tried really all that comes in my head and what I founfd here but I cant get WLAN traffic into ques and LAN traffic is in ques althought they are bridged.

    Now if it isnt possible just say so, so I can quit on it. :)

  • FAQ.

    Shaping does not work with bridging currently.

  • @sullrich:


    Shaping does not work with bridging currently.

    That I knew but I thought that only implied on shaping between interfaces in the bridge. NVM thanks for clear answer and hope u will get it working cos this is really some nice piece of software. :D

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