Multiple wan

  • Hi,

    I've got a question about multiple wan with more than two WAN.

    Imagine you've got 5 modem acting as routers in the 192.168.0.x range (modem 1 modem 2 etc)
    then you have an interface on pfSense using for example.

    Is it possible using outgoing loadbalancer to make a gateway pool that contains each modem as a pool entry and doing sort of round robin or something else against those routers ? (for outgoing loadbalancing only)

    If not, is there a way to perform something similar using pfsense… ??

    the fact is that I can't add enough interfaces...


  • Unfortunately you have to have each modem at a seperate interface. However you can make this work with only one physical interface by setting up VLANs and a VLAN-switch that connects to the modems as each VLAN will be visible as a seperate interface.

  • faster than myself, I was editing the post to tell you that I'm a bad guy that need to learn how to read posts more accurately….

    the solution using vlan has already been posted....i'm bad !! definitively.

    So the solution is this one :
    1 nic, 5 vlans between pfSense and the switch. On the switch I make an association of two ports (one using the vlan number from the pfSense, the other one without vlan tagging because providers'modem don't support it) and I'm done !!

    Thanks a lot!!!

    This place seems full of smart people  :-D

  • You got the idea  :D

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