On an Alix2d3 board, v1.2.3 reset to defaults BROKE it.

  • I have an alix board, this one used for home network, on a slow broadband connection.  I have it configured to use with only the DNS changed to opendns, changed password, and enabled UPnP, everything else defaults.  Went through the Setup Wizard… The settings were finally backed up.

    I then used it for a few weeks, now I wanted to play around it some more by enabling dual wan.  I reset it to defaults, and didn't want to go through the wizard again. I received a 192.168.1.XXX ip address.  So I logged in as admin, pass: pfsense   I went directly to the backup/restore page at:  & restored my configuration.  Afterwords I can no longer access the pfsense WebGUI and can no longer get an assigned ip from pfsense.  After the restore, I always, disable & re-enable my laptop's NIC so as to get a new ip.  I'm thinking it should be a 192.168.11.XXX ip.   Should I have went through the wizard after a reset to defaults?  Somehow not going through the wizard has "bricked" my Alix box.  Hate to disassemble everything to gain access to the CF card.

    Any help is greatly appreciated...

  • I'm not sure of the details of how your configuration changed but suspect that you might have ending up changing your pfSense LAN IP address so consequently when your laptop attempts to get an IP address from the last used DHCP server (old pfSense IP address) it can no longer get one because the server doesn't respond.

    Perhaps if you power cycled your laptop you might restore communication with pfSense. (Assuming pfSense is configured to make a sensible response to laptop DHCP request.)

    If that doesn't work, you probably need to connect to the Alix serial console for further investigation.

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