Forward SSH from LAN to WAN

  • Hi all been using pfsense for 3 months, dual wan+load balancer+servers on dmz +lan

    Today I instaled an asterisk  8) server on my lan.
    My doubt is the following

    I want to redirect lan's asterisk ssh server to the outside

    Lan SSH port 22
    Outside XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX port 1022

    I tryed a Port Forward like this:

    it created also the firewall rules.

    What can be missing me?


    Carlos Pinto

  • Firewall at the asterisk box? Also make sure you have selected "interface adress" for the external adress for your NAT instead of "any".

  • No, my asterisk server has a SSH server inside my lan that I want to reach from outside

    WAN–---| -PFSENSE RC2----------------------------DMZ--------MAIL
      WAN2----|        |                                                    |-DNS,HTTP
                          asterisk sshd
                        (i want to reach this server from outside) something like ssh public ip port 1022 for instace

    Any Ideias?

  • I have that exact setup at home and even have ssh enabled at the pfSense itself. Add a log to the firewallrule that permits ssh traffic to the asterisk box. If you see a pass at status>systemlogs, firewall and also see a state for this connection at diagnostics>states the connection was allowed. Then it has to be something on the asterisk box.

    Btw, make sure your rules order is correct. You can't allow a connection somewhere at the bottom of the list when you blocked it somewhere above.

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