Tunneling through ssh

  • Hi there,

    If I open up a ssh tunnel to my pfsense box and forward port 443 into that tunnel I can access my pfSense box from https://localhost. I also want to access my iMac via VNC via ssh. Is this somehow possible with ssh connected to pfSense? I do not want to open up a seperate tunnel and configure ssh on my iMac. Can I somehow tell pfSense to forward certain tunneled ports to my iMac?

    Thanks in advance.

    Ah, running 2.0-beta1 ;-)

  • This has nothing to do with pfSense just search internet for tunneling through ssh.

  • Thanks again for your kind answer. I am sorry that I thought that somehere nice here could help me out…

    I know how to forward ports into ssh which is working, but my question was an other. Have you actually read my question? If you do not want help me, ermal, then please stop answering my threads. Thanks!

  • He's right, but tunneling vnc via ssh is made by
    ssh -L5900:pfsense-IP:5900 user@mac
    after that connect your vnc to localhost.

    You can look at the mac man-pages, that explains you the whole thing.

  • Thanks for the info igor !

    I didn't know that you do not need to change anything on the server side. This way it works like a charm. I am using Putty here on Windows 7.


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