Is pfSense for me?

  • So im planning to buy an Atom ITX system. I want to add a USB wireless N adaptor and a wireless G adaptor, probably something by d-link, making it a wireless AP that offers both G and N at the same time. Since these boards only have a single gigabit LAN port, ill be adding a usb 10/100 network card, unsure of controller. This usb 10/100 will be connected to my modem which will be in bridged mode.

    I need the following features:

    Squid + video cache - from what i've read, it's doable. My only question is, will real player streams work? Last time i played i couldnt get it to work using Real Player. Feel free to test if you have real player available:

    QoS - Will i be able to browse the web and play games or use VOIP? What about downloading + gaming/VOIP?

  • There is no 802.11n support in FreeBSD at the time (or at least not usable support).
    For the rest i don't see much of a problem.

    The caching of realplayer streams is just a question of the configuration of the packages.
    Not much to do with the base-pfSense itself.
    Your might get a better answer if you ask this question in the packages subforum.

  • i dont see the point in 2 wifi adapters on the same system.  N doesnt offer N ONLY just like G doesnt ONLY do G.  an N adapter will offer both

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