Multiple Questions [N00b]

  • Hi there,

    I've installed the pfSense-2.0-BETA1-512mb-20091231-1025-nanobsd.img on my Soekris net4801. The WAN interface configures itself with the DHCP, OPT1 uses PPPoE. Now I run into troubles:

    • DynDNS
      Is there any way to update my regfish DNS? I only need something like```
      wget -q -O - "$TOKEN&fqdn=$FQDN.&thisipv4=1&ttl=$TTL&ismx=$ISMX"
      *   **Import CA**
          Is it possible to import a whole CA into the certificate manager and not only the CA certificate? I want to re-use the CA I've built on my Debian server without rolling out new client certificates…
      *   **OpenVPN**
          Is it possible to start two different OpenVPN servers which bound to different interfaces? I want to set up one server on my WAN interface and another one on the OPT1\. Do I have to deal with uncommon firewall rules and how do I have to set up the routing stuff for that?
      *   **Outbound Loadbalancing**
          I don't get it. :) As far as I have understood the outbound loadbalancing I have to create the necessary gateways in the Gateways tab under System -> Routing. When I create a gateway it always asks me for a gateway IP address but that might be dynamic because of the DHCP/PPPoE configured interface. How can I create a gateway then to form a Gateway Group?
      Might be a bit confusing, sorry for that. But I hope anybody understands me and is able (and willing ;)) to help. Thanks!

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