Updates vs. Upgrades?

  • What's the difference between the "…1.2.3-1gb-nanobsd.upgrade.img.gz" and the "Full-Update-1.2.3.tgz".  Is the "Full-Update" used for ".iso" updates? or will it also be used on the embedded installs.  Can the "Full-Update-1.2.3.tgz" be used to update the Alix nanobsd slice?  Which do I use to install an extra slice on an Alix.2d3?   The term "updates" and "upgrades" are use interchangeably it seems.

  • AFAIK, the full update tarballs are used to update a full install image, not a nano install (which use the nanobsd.upgrade files.)

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    That is correct, the full-updates are for full installs and they update the existing files on the hard drive or storage media.

    A nanobsd upgrade file is actually a complete OS slice image, not technically an update in the sense of the full update file.

  • Got it! Thank You! :D

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