Traffic shaper not efficient

  • after the switch to 2.0 nanobsd i have been having issues with the way the traffic shaper works, one thing solved which didnt work for me in 1.2.3 was bridged interface always used to show traffic under p2p and now that goes in proper queues for 2.0 but it feels the shaper isnt working as efficiently as in 1.2.3.

    i have configured my shaper exactly how i used to use it in 1.2.3 and have been tweaking it from the past week but i still find issues such as when torrent traffic is started which goes in p2p queues then voip calls get affected inspite of voip being put on the highest priority and a traffic share of 56% of total link speed.
    either this is happening bcoz of the kernel in debug mode or something else coz in 1.2.3 if torrents were downloading at full speed and a voip call was made then the shaper would reduce bandwidth or drop packets for torrents and give higher priority to voip and i would find audio in my voip call as normal but currently it comes jittery and i dont see voip queue packets being dropped or there is something that is not letting voip packets flow as its supposed to, mayb the CPU is busy doing something else causing the jitter etc.

  • I just read that the current 2.0 builds are 'debug' builds that will have lower performance than the final release builds.  According to some of the developers- everything is slower with the debugging turned on.  Once the system becomes stable, future 2.0 builds will be built without debugging.  This may be the cause of your performance concerns.

    It is possible to build the code yourself with the debug turned off- perhaps one of the developers may be able to provide instructions.  I have absolutely no clue how this may be done, although I read somewhere that it is fairly easy.

  • i hope if some developer can provide some guide on how to switch off the debugging

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    You can follow the directions here:

    But before you actually build the system, find the kernel config file (e.g. tools/builder_scripts/conf/pfSense.8 ) and edit out the debug options. (KDB, KDB_TRACE, DDB, GDB, INVARIANTS, INVARIANTS_SUPPORT, WITNESS, WITNESS_SKIPSPIN, makeoptions DEBUG=-g)

  • thats just too much info for a newbie in freebsd like me, i guess ill just wait for debug to be switched off later on.

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