Nat rule based on url request?

  • Hello everyone, i hope this is the correct section, even if i don't know if this can be done, not only with pfsense but at all :)

    here is the scenario.

    1 public static IP address.
    2 domains pointing to that ip address (
    1 pfsense having this ip address configured on the WAN interface.
    2 phisical webservers running apache and IIS connected to a LAN interface
    each webserver has its own private ip address (

    both servers are listening on port 80, but this is not a big issue to change the listening port for the webserver.

    i would like pfsense to:
    if the incoming request is for -> nat the connection to
    if the incoming request is for -> nat the connection to

    is it possible to do such a thing? if yes, can anyone explain me how?

    thnx a lot :)

  • No this is not possible.
    Search the forum for "virtual host".
    There are various possibilities how you can do something like that on the server itself (redirect a connection to another server based on the URL).

  • it can't be done directly with pfsense in anyway? not only nat, i mean combining with other stuff? like squid or anything?

  • no.

  • i noticed that Pound ( can apparently handle this task for me, do you know if there is a module for pfsense?

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