Load balancing 3wan ok But > 5wan not ok

  • i try pfsense rc1 & rc2 in my com pIII1Ghz ram512
    when load balancing 3 wan it ok i use 1 month not shutdown
    when load balancing 5 wan it not work after 48 h pfsense so slow&down

    mybe i think pfsense have bug in 5 wan

    help mee
    ??? ??? ???

  • First: Upgrade to a recent snapshot http://pfsense.com/~sullrich/1.0-SNAPSHOT-09-22-06/ (I even suggest a reinstall if you are encountering strange problems).

    The code is exactly the same for 3,4,5,…x WAN and I know of people using more than 3 WANs successfully. Check out your states. Maybe you are slowly reaching the statelimit. You can rise it at system>advanced if needed. How many states are in use is displayed at the status>system page. Also check memory and cpu usage when the slowdown occurs. if you have high cpu load issue a "top" at diagnostics>command and paste us the output. Also check your systemlogs for anything odd at status>systemlogs.

  • thanks  ;D

    i change my states 10,000 to 250,000 it ok

    thank you so much

    ;D ;D ;D

  • As it is/was a state issue have a look at firewall optimizations at system>advanced. "Aggressive" might be worth a shot too (additional to the larger statelimit). It will help keeping the amount of states lower than with the default optimizations. You even can finetune this by using the advanced options that hide behind advanced buttons when you edit a firewallrule to set statelimits/timeouts per port, per source, destination…whatever.

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