Siproxd experience??? SOLVED!

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    I have encountered a small thing about SIP and VoiP.

    Up until now, I have had no problems with several SIP phones (Cisco 7940) behind PFSense. Today my Voip ISP moved all my numbers (10) onto the same SIP server, and all phones lost connection.

    Now all have the same server they have to authenticate to, and that is a problem…. So I installed Siproxd, but to no avail....

    Doesnt work. And I cannot figure out where the hell it is going wrong.

    I dont know where to begin...... :-[ Shuold I use Siproxd as the proxy or the Voip ISP?? Not much documentation to be found on Siproxd.

    Anyone with internal PBX experience, like Asterisk or Askozia, they want to share??

  • Not offhand, sorry :(  If all else fails, could you install something like pbx in a flash on a machine (possibly a VM), and have the phones register to it as an extension, and have the piaf box register to your VOISP?

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    I have already done that…..:D

    Askozia PBX was the like a charm on VM.

  • Since this morning, you mean?  If so, it would be nice to follow up on your post with SOLVED so folks won't waste their time :(

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    Done :)

  • I've heard askozia (sp?) is a good windows-based distro…

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    Its FreeBSD based on M0n0wall. :)

    So its nimble and quick….

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