Trouble after installing packages

  • Hi there,

    after I install packages like avahi or nmap the gui gets unresponsive. When I try to connect back to home I see a 500 - Internal Server error and need to reboot my box after which everything is fine again. GUI is not working and ssh gets really slow…

    Also after I upgrade each new snapshot I need to reinstall avahi and then I see it twice under Status -> Services. I then need to remove the packages again, reinstall it and everything is fine, this time without a reboot.

    Any hint what I can do to give you further info?

  • Also now I cannot start nmap, not even via ssh…

    /libexec/ Shared object "" not found, required by "nmap"

  • All but one of the packages need to be updated, I wouldn't expect any of them to work at this point other than OpenVPN Client Export.

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