Pfsense is blocking everyone from one isp

  • Ive tried to figure this out for days but I am stumped. Evey ISP I have tried has worked but SuddenLink. I have a little web server behind a pfsense firewall. Here is the message I get,
    1. 758870 rule 25/0(match): block in on fxp0: > [|tcp]
    yet like I said, other isp's are able to view the server. any help would be MUCH appreciated lol

  • playing around with some rules i have found out that disabling block private networks and block bogon networks fixes this. but I dont want to do that. i am running version 1.2.2, would updating to the current stable release fix this?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    An update to 1.2.3 or just updating your bogons list should do it. You should be running 1.2.3 anyhow.

    I don't recall if this is on 1.2.2, but on 1.2.3 you can do this:

    /etc/ now

    And that should refresh the bogons list.

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