Starting over - Freeswitch setup

  • Hi Guys

    Ok, I want to have the freeswitch package running, I've started all over again on the setup.

    First thing, I deleted the lan.xml profile, so now I have 4 profiles in the status:

    internal		profile		sip:mod_sofia@	RUNNING (0)
    external		profile		sip:mod_sofia@83.89.x.x:5080	RUNNING (0)		gateway		REGED		alias			internal					ALIASED

    Where is the pfsense box. Looking in the guide, there are also an alias that reads
    default               alias                                  internal      ALIASED

    But I don't see that?

    I'm to the best of my abilities following
    I've altered the internal.xml as per the instructions, and I've created two profiles for my softphones.
    When I do a```
    sofia status profile internal


    API CALL [sofia(status profile internal)] output:

    Name                    internal
    Domain Name             N/A
    DBName                  sofia_reg_internal
    Pres Hosts
    Dialplan                XML
    Context                 public
    Challenge Realm         auto_from
    URL                     sip:mod_sofia@
    BIND-URL                sip:mod_sofia@
    HOLD-MUSIC              local_stream://moh
    OUTBOUND-PROXY          N/A
    CODECS                  G7221@32000h,G7221@16000h,G722,PCMU,PCMA,GSM
    TEL-EVENT               101
    DTMF-MODE               rfc2833
    CNG                     13
    SESSION-TO              0
    MAX-DIALOG              0
    NOMEDIA                 false
    LATE-NEG                false
    PROXY-MEDIA             false
    AGGRESSIVENAT           false
    STUN-ENABLED            true
    STUN-AUTO-DISABLE       false
    CALLS-IN                0
    FAILED-CALLS-IN         0
    CALLS-OUT               0
    FAILED-CALLS-OUT        0



    First thing to do is register some phones, but already things are going wrong: When I start a softphone I get this error:

    2010-01-10 09:54:56.661527 [WARNING] sofia_reg.c:1755 Can't find user [1001@83.89.x.x]
    You must define a domain called '83.89.x.x' in your directory and add a user with the id="1001" attribute
    and you must configure your device to use the proper domain in it's authentication credentials.

    Huh? The file directory/default.xml reads

    <include><domain name=""></domain></include>

    So that should be the domain, but ???
    It's very confusing :-)

  • Hmmm, looking at it, it seams that some configs are not removed???
    How do I make absolutely sure that all configs are gone when doing a remove package?
    So that I can start from a clean slate?

  • Banned

    New install???

  • Well, I've removed the package, and put it back in.
    I really don't want to reinstall the entire pfsense all over again.
    But somehow some of the config was retained somehow.

  • Not sure if this is the correct way, but I've gone in to /cf/conf/config.xml and removed package info before when I wanted to do a clean install of a package.  Remove the package first then edit the config.xml to remove the settings, then reinstall the package.

    I've always kinda wondered why removing a package doesn't remove the settings from the config file . . .  ???

  • Thanks TreeTopFlyer, WinSCP is your friend, that got rid of it!

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