PfSense as a Print Server

  • I have looked on line and through the forums and have not been able to find an easy way to make PFSense a print server as well, considering most of the posts were also from 2007.  Does anyone know of a way to do so,  I just have simply run out of machines and want to use an old USB printer, canon i560.


  • Yes.  Install the Cups package for the underlying version of FreeBSD in use.  Details on how to do that can be found by searching the forum for "pkg_add".

  • Installed the package and I cant access what do I do?

  • Have you checked that your firewall rules allow access to port 631 on the host?

    Have you read the CUPS documentation?  Is it listening on

  • Actually I just fixed up my configuration. and now: 403 Forbidden


    Default authentication type, when authentication is required…

    DefaultAuthType Basic

    Restrict access to the server...

    <location>Order allow,deny
      Allow localhost
      Allow @LOCAL</location>

    Restrict access to the admin pages...

    <location admin="">Order allow,deny
      Allow @LOCAL</location>

    Restrict access to configuration files...

    <location admin="" conf="">AuthType Default
      Require user @SYSTEM
      Order allow,deny
      Allow @LOCAL</location>

    Its running!

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