Static route

  • Hello,

    I have a networking diagramm following :
    Lan_1 –- Switch --- PFSense (v1.2.3 )------------------------- Internet
             Router_1 ------- Router_2 --- Lan_2

    Lan_1 :
    Lan_2 :
    Router_1 (lan) :
    Router_2 (lan) :
    On the PFsense, i added a static route ( gw ).
    I've checked that is enable : System-- Advanced--Static route filtering.
    There's a VPN between Router_1 and Router_2. There's also static routes on these both Routers ( there's no problem with them ).

    From lan2, i can ping the Router_1 ( ).
    From a laptop connected directly to the Router_1, i can ping Router_2 and Lan_2.

    But i can't ping the PFSense's LAN interface from Lan_2.
    And so , i can't ping the LAN_1 from the Lan_2.

    Did i forget something on the PFSense ?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

  • I dont think anything is missing on the pfSense.

    You have 3 routers. So you need at least 3 subnets.
    You only have 2 subnets.

    What IPs are you using between router_1 and router_2?

    Described is that router_1 has on it's LAN side
    But at the same time you have the subnet on it's WAN side.

  • It's ok right now.
    It was another problem…
    It wasn't a static route problem.


  • can you describe what solved your problem? because i have the same :)

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