Multi-WAN DNS - not enought entry fields?

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    I am attempting to set up a failover configuration on a 3-wan environment.  The book and the posts appear to indicate that each WAN connection (each is a different ISP) will need its own DNS and static route to that DNS so that WANs 2 and 3 can resolve names when WAN1 is down.  However, the general setup page on pfSense only allows me space to enter two DNS values.  How am I to record the DNS for the third WAN/ISP so that I can later create a static route to it?

    I fear I'm missing something…

  • If you use a dns server (ping able) as monitor ip a static route will automatic be created for it.

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    If I recall correctly, you can edit the config file (viconfig from console or backup/edit/restore) and add two more additional dns server tags that aren't accessible via the gui in 1.2.x.

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