ITSec not passing traffic

  • Hello,
    Green light on the IPSec status on both ends but no traffic passes. I read not to bother pinging the remote side's pfsense, so I am pinging another address on the LAN side. NOTHING. No response. No remote desktop, no nothing. I configured a regular IPSec VPN with Static IPs on both ends. Rules are configured. I dont know where else to look. Searched all over the forum and got no results.
    If it makes any difference, one end of the VPN uses a netgate pfsense with nanobsd. Both pfsense's are 1.2.3 RC3

  • Hi

    I would first double check that you have the correct PASS  rules on the Firewall | Rules | IPSEC Tab at each end of the tunnel.
    Enable logging on the tunnel and check the logs for any errors.
    Please paste your tunnel configuration and/or logs.

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