Can pfsense do this?

  • i am new to pf sense, i have read all available documentaion regarding to this but could not come up for a conclusion for what i need to do:

    i have 2 internet connections

    1 via wired dsl, always connected

    2 via wireless broadband, which connects via dial up

    my problem is i need to use both connections at the same time,

    for different applications, for example, one application uses connection 1 then a different application uses connection 2

    can pfsense do this?


    one user uses connection 1 then a different user uses connection 2, not losing connection for both connections

    using windows XP pro here 32 bit

    can pfsense do this

    thanks in advance

  • yes it can be done providing you can get pfsense talking to your wireless router with appropriate hardware.
    you need to look up Multi WAN and policy based routing to achieve what you want.

  • appreciate the reply sir,

    what if i don't have any hardware?

    what i have are just the two modems, one connecting via usb, the other connects via LAN

    can this still be worked out?


  • pfSense 1.2.3 is based on FreeBSD 7.2. pfSense 2.0 is currently based on FreeBSD 8.0. You can check the FreeBSD hardware support for your devices in the FreeBSD hardware notes at and respectively.

  • my modems are not on the list?

    end of the road for me then????

  • @rakenrol:

    end of the road for me then????

    Probably, as far as the USB modem is concerned.

    If your modem that connects via LAN acts as an IP router or a standard LAN bridge then you should be able to use that. It could connect to the pfSense via a standard LAN cable (might need to be a cross over cable) to a LAN interface thats supported by the appropriate version of FreeBSD.

  • huawei E160 is being used to access internet wirelessly via usb

    ang the other one is the common wired internet connection

    can pfsense manage to make both functional at the same time in windows xp platform?

    can live cd be able to do this?

    is hard drive installation of pfsense means, there would be no OS?

    i still can't picture how pfsense may work in windows xp?


  • Do you mean actually running it on the same computer inside Windows XP?  If so, that is possible too, but you would need to run it inside a virtual machine.  Refer to the Virtualization installations and techniques forum for more information:,37.0.html

  • yes. but this would mean i have to partition my hard drive? partitioning means re install windows xp

    or not?

  • To run in XP, no, you do not need another partition.  Whatever program you run it in would use a virtual hard drive stored in an image file.  Some of the options available include VMware's products for Windows (VMware Server, VMware Player, VMware Workstation), VirtualBox, and Microsoft's Virtual Server or Virtual PC (though you may need to make some modifications to one of pfSense's startup scripts to work on Virtual PC/Server).

  • can someone post here the basic step by step procedure on installing pfsense within windows XP

    what do download?

    what type of installation should i choose?


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