What tells pfsense where config.xml is supposed to be?

  • I had an livecd+floppy box (now I am going all CD in the future floppy sucks.) I just tried to download the config through WebGUI and it toasted the box. I see it was trying to do an fopen to CF (doesn't exist.) I know I moved the config to floppy during original setup. What tells pfsense where the config is supposed to be on floppy/what changes when you choose to move to floppy? Thanks!

  • The livecd browses on bootup abailable drives/medias for the config.xml (USB, Floppy, HDD,…). If it doesn't find one it will start with the default config.xml provided on the cdrom. If you want to move the config.xml to a media (available media has to be detected during bootup already for this option to showup) you have to run option 98 from the shellmenu once.

  • Thanks. What I am saying though is that I did move to fd0 but for some reason when I went to backup settings through the WebGUI it crashed the box indicating that it was trying to fopen CF! Since I do not have physical access to the box I am asking is what happens/changes after you do option 98 that I can check to see if is set correctly?

    On another note by default am I not able to login via SSH from a different subnet (VPN)? I get a password prompt but is rejected.

  • Well I guess it is just a glitch that maybe happens if for some reason fd0 (assuming floppy config) is unaccesable? The box rebooted itself after awhile and coming back up it behaves normally (ie. clicking BACKUP/EXPORT) does not result in an fopen CF error/crash. Im pretty sure I have seen this before… anyone else?

  • Floppies and floppy drives are extremely unreliable and can absolutely cause this.

    Use a usb keychain or similar media, they are extremely cheap these days and it makes absolutely no sense to use floppies.

    Apple let floppies die for a reason, maybe you should follow suit.

  • Yup that's of course true. You can still boot from CD but store the config on USB I imagine (lot of old PCs not able to boot from USB.) CF IDE sounds nice too. How about CD-RW support LOL?

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