Can pfsense achieve the following

  • I have tried but failed in achieving

    Problems i faced while using Pfsense

    I have MultiWAN with Load Balancin setup in my place.Please answer the following questions

    Can I use Squid in transparent mode
    Can I use SquidGuard in a MultiWAN and Load Balancing environment.
    Can I block content using MIME Filtering.
    Can I use OPenVPN server here.
    whenever WAN fails FTP on the network fails too.

    Please help and let me know how to solve this I dont mind using version2.0 beta or 1.2.2 or 1.2.3

    Whatever version I dont mind but i want the following to be achieved through pfsense.
    I dont whether i misconfugered something , but just wanted to know whether it is possible or not
    because if its not possible then I am just wasting my time trying to do so.

    There are also some weird things i have seen

    even when i plug the cable out Load balancing status shows all is online

    sometimes i see all the traffic flows from WAN  to OPT2 and then going to cloud. instead of going out directly from WAN.
    There is some or other inconsistencies.

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