Install Problems on pfSense-1.2-LiveCD-Installer.iso

  • Im a noobie attempting to install pfSense-1.2-LiveCD-Installer.iso for my first time on a blank HDD to act as a back up machine to a pfsense box already running for a company I just started working for. The installation is getting to the point where it is asking for the Wan and Lan interface names. I am attempting to put it the names that are showing in the box that is in use currently but it is not recognizing them as correct. Is there any way around inputting this? Can I just clone the pfsense box I already have running somehow and not worry about doing all the work I am now?

    Or do I have to install this, and then update it with the config of the current machine?

    Or is there a way to install the OS seperately and then install pfsense on top of that if I am using a completely wiped hard drive?
    Please excuse my lack of knowledge, I have never had to tdo this before and am probably missing a lot of key info so please be patient, I definitely appreciate all of your assistance. I just cant seem to find the answers I am looking for by searching.

  • hi
    You can't just copy the interface names from your other pfsense box unless you have the exact same NICs in the same slots.
    I would recommend using the auto-detection. Press 'a' when prompted for the interface and plug a 'live' network cable into the nic that you want to use for the WAN. Then repeat for the LAN and any additional interfaces.

    You might want to look at CARP if you have two similar bits of hardware and you want redundancy on your hardware.
    CARP will keep two pfSense boxes in sync with all of the settings and state tables. If the primary pfSense box fails the backup pfsense will take over automatically.

  • So if I do attempt to use the CARP feature, you say I need to have the exact same NICs in the same slots, so if I am currently running a dell optiplex gx270 with all original factory equipment, is there a way to find out what NICs are in there or can I just purchase another gx270 with original factory equipment and assume that they are the same? Or is there a way to check before I buy? I am very grateful for all of your help, I am working above my knowledge level here and appreciate all your support.

  • To use CARP you just need the same number of interfaces on both boxes. They do not have to be the same NICs.

    Carp does reqire an extra NIC on each box dedicated to keeping both boxes in sync.

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